Payroll and Social Security Administration

Maintaining human resources and payroll documentation involves great responsibility. The multitude of regulations and obligations makes it a time-consuming task that requires great competence.

We support, advise, and maintain full human resources and payroll documentation. Our motto is individual approach to the needs and problems of each client, therefore the scope of tasks entrusted with us may be freely adjusted. The many years’ experience and day-to-day practice guarantee high quality of our human resources and payroll services.

  • Preparation of payrolls and keeping human resources documentation (personal records);
  • Electronic transfer of social insurance (ZUS) statements (DRA, RCA, RSA, RZA), social insurance (ZUS) registration forms (ZUA, ZWUA, ZFA, ZPA, ZIUA and others);
  • Update of application data in Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), etc.;
  • Assistance and cooperation with the clients during inspections and audits carried out by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP), or the Tax Office;
  • Accounting for absences from work;
  • Preparation of human resources reports and specifications;
  • Full confidentiality of the human resources data flow;
  • Preparation of reports for the Central Statistics Office (GUS) with respect to human resources and payroll (GUS Z-06, GUS Z-10);
  • Electronic transfer of statements to the Tax Office (PIT-11, PPIT-4R, PIT-8C, PIT-8AR);
  • Preparation of statements for the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON);
  • Filing motions in order to receive a subsidy to the remuneration of employees with a particular degree of disability;
  • Managing matters related to the Company Social Benefit Fund;
  • Drawing up Rules, Announcements, etc.

You take care of the business, we take care of the rest!