Company profile

We are an accounting office, employing experts in such areas as accounting, human resources and payroll. We will maintain your bookkeeping, handle remuneration payments to your employees, as well as manage your personal documentation in a reliable manner.

We employ around 20 experts with accounting experience and a command of English and German. Employees responsible for the books hold certificates of the Polish Ministry of Finance. We collaborate with reputable legal and tax consulting firms.

For many years, we have been providing comprehensive accounting, human resources and payroll services to a Capital Group, whose shares are listed at the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Group consists of Polish and German commercial companies. We also provide services to numerous limited liability companies.

Our tax advisors have both experience in court proceedings, and practical knowledge gained during their service at tax authorities.

Using our services may:

  • significantly reduce the operating costs of finance and accounting departments;
  • result in faster access to management information;
  • release the managing personnel from running the accounting department and allow them to focus on strategic issues;
  • transfer liability to a third party partner;

Numeratis holds professional civil liability insurance. In order to secure client’s business, the insurance amount is not limited to the obligatory amount only, but exceeds it significantly (the current value of the insurance amounts to PLN 1 million).